What if I am purchasing a case of studies to be used by a group of people? 

That’s no problem! Many of our orders are for small groups or large groups who are doing the study together. For a multi-user experience, you can complete this in two ways:

  1. Bulk Order: Create an account (if one does not exist already), and purchase a bulk order of studies that the account owner can distribute to each individual in your group. Once you complete your purchase and receive your books, please reach out to store@thevillagechurch.net and request a multi-user video link. You will receive a password protected page along with a password that can be distributed to the individuals in your group. 
  2. Individual Orders: Each individual can create an account and purchase the study on their own. Once purchased, they will receive a confirmation email, as well as an email with a link to their digital files that go along with the study. 

How do I access the digital files that came with my purchase of a Bible study?

After completing your purchase, you will get two emails: the first will confirm your order. The second will provide a link to the digital files that come with your purchase. You can access your flies with that link.

You can also return to store.thevillagechurch.net at any time and sign into your account. Then, click “My Account” at the top of the page. Under Order History, click “My Files.” You will see a list of digital files associated with your purchases. Click on the study for which you’d like to access the files and you will see both the video and audio files that accompany your purchase. 

For purchases that will be used for a multi-user experience and require the videos to be distributed individually to each group member (rather than viewing the video in a single environment), you will need to do the following steps in order to provide video access to each individual in your group:

  1. Reach out to store@thevillagechurch.net
  2. Provide your order details and state that you are requesting usage of the multi-user video access. 

You will then receive a password protected page that can be distributed to the attendees in your group. 

Can I download the digital files that came with my purchase? 

You will not be able to download the videos that came with your purchase. You can stream the videos through your TVC Resources Store account.

What is the best way to use the Bible study? 

Our studies are intended to be used in a group setting, but they can be done individually as well. We recommend each member completing each week’s homework on their own, then gathering to discuss the homework questions as a small group, and finally, watching or listening to the weekly teaching (either together or individually). Feel free, however, to adjust the rhythm of the study to what works best for your group. As a reminder, when doing a study with a small group, it is recommended that you share access to the video teaching with each individual user. You can do this by reaching out to store@thevillagechurch.net and requesting multi-user video access for your study. 

What if I received the wrong product? 

We are so sorry! If you received an item you did not purchase, or perhaps purchased an item you wish to return, please contact store@thevillagechurch.net so that we may begin the return process. We will send you a shipping label that can be attached to your purchase and returned to our distribution center. 

Help! I accidentally ordered the wrong item. Can I swap it out? 

Unfortunately, our systems are set up to process our orders as quickly as possible, so that we may provide you with speedy service. If you have accidentally ordered the wrong product, please reach out to us at store@thevillagechurch.net so that we can process a new order for you, as well as issue a refund on the first order. We will ask that you follow our returns process once you receive the incorrect product to be returned to our distributor. 

My address changed, but I've already ordered. Can you change my address after I've purchased? 

Because our products are shipped through a third-party distributor, we are not always able to change the address once the order is placed. We ask that you please reach out to us to let us know, and we will contact the distributor to check if the product has shipped. If the product has already shipped, we are unable to change the shipping location, and would require that you have someone refuse the delivery at the old location on your behalf. We will then process a refund once the delivery has been returned. We will also update your address in your profile so that any future products are shipped to the right location! 

I don't live in the United States, can I order your products?

At this time, we are unable to offer international shipping, however, we would love to provide access to our resources through other avenues. Please reach out to store@thevillagechurch.net so that we can assist you.